Child In Speech Therapy

Is your child late to talk? Or their language is developing in an unusual pattern? 
I can offer therapy working directly with your child to develop their language skills, or Parent Child Interaction therapy working with parents and carers to help you know how best to support your child's language development in daily life

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Does your child have difficulty getting words out?
This is a very common problem for young children. 
Depending on your child's needs, I can work with them to help them speak more fluently, and /or I can work with parents and carers to ensure that you know how to reduce the stuttering.


Does your child have difficulty using certain sounds? 
Are they talking a lot but the words are unclear?
I can give full and intensive support to you and your child to ensure that they can use a full range of speech sounds and express themselves clearly

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I am also able to offer schools one off or on going sessions of speech therapy or training. Please contact me to discuss this further.

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I can offer therapy via Skype or Zoom to families who are posted abroad or who are not able to access face to face therapy for any reason.

Following an assessment which includes advice and a written report, all types of therapy can be arranged in discussion with you to suit your child's needs